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Tyres are the only parts of the car which are in contact with the road.

For maximum tyre life check your tyre pressure settings regularly. There are three main reasons why maintaining the correct pressure is important:

  • Safety - Tyres that are under inflated can overheat; and over inflated tyres can lead to poor vehicle handling on the road.

  • Economy -  Over or under inflated tyres suffer more damage than those with the correct pressure and need to be replaced more regularly

  • Environment - Correct tyre pressures help to maintain optimum fuel efficiency. This can equate to lower Co2 emissions coming from your vehicle than those with incorrect tyre pressures and that has to be good for the environment.








 MX Tyres

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Free MOT Reminder


All major brands in stock

  • NEW - Off Road Tyres 

  • Discount Tyres

  • Wheel Balancing  

  • Wheel Alignment        

  • Puncture Repairs

  • FREE tyre check



A FREE tyre check will include tyre condition

pressure, and wheel alignment.




We understand that a motorist wants a quality service, value for money, expert advice and convenience.  We have an extensive range of branded tyres in stock, let our tyres experts guide you to make the right choices for your car.


Puncture Repairs

  • Tyre & Puncture repairs - Tyre repairs are covered by a British Standard, they will be checked thoroughly to ensure this is the best option for your car.

Alloy Wheels

  • Topgear Autocentre provides the best in quality, convenience and value when buying alloy wheels.  Please enquire for special offers

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